What is A Nightclub?

The biggest cities in Europe and North America and even some small towns and cities have a variety of nightclubs. Nightclubs often feature lighting and other interesting effects.
Nightclub hours widely vary; they may stay open until 1 AM and even 4 AM. In some towns, illegal " after hours" clubs may stay open and even serve alcohol after the legal closing time. And in non-regulated areas, clubs stay open all night and even into early daylight hours.

Different types of nightclubs include alcohol-free and non-smoking nightclubs, or comedy clubs. Supper clubs or restaurants may provide entertainment and music similar to that provided by a nightclub. Though, at these establishments the food is the main attraction, whereas at a nightclub entertainment is the main attraction.

Nightclubs are usually built in former cinemas or warehouses, underground buildings, and even custom-built buildings, with thick, insulated walls and no or few windows. This style of construction is keeping light and noise from the outside. So now we know about nightclubs and we can talk about them in LONDON. One of the biggest city in the world and one of the biggest “holder” of nightclubs.